Adrian still didn't know what to do.

I don't like to wear shoes without socks.


Do you know where she went?

In my house we drink a lot of beer.

Your hometown is very pretty.

Because I didn't know what to do, I asked him for advice.

The teacher's young daughter was a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes.


I'm more afraid of Scot than I am of Hillel.

I was really frustrated.

Don't ruin my fun after all the pain that I put myself through.

Our house is large enough for five of us.

Joni has a very high fever.

You can make up to 80,000 yen a month in that part-time job.

Last year in the summer I worked part-time on a farm.

She cannot recommend him too much.

It frequently happens here.


You've lost perspective.

Temper your spirit, warm your heart.

Since it was the first time we arrived late at school, our teacher didn't give us detention.

Vinod declined to comment on the matter.

A considerable amount of time and effort have been spent already.


I can't help but feel that if we had gotten to know each other better, we'd have been friends.

You don't get eggplants from a gourd vine.

Everybody knows his duties here.

Lynn's proposal was denied.

I think you need to tell Kelvin how you feel.

I've never heard so much complaining in my life.

Jan has a smile on his face.

Typography is the discipline of using type to set texts into a form that is pleasant to read.

I forgot Tran knew how to read French.

Krzysztof rarely wears a hat.

I lost my patience.

It is still fresh in my memory.

Claudia will likely follow your advice.

It cost me a lot of money to build a new house.

Did you do yesterday's homework?


The townspeople like to eat thick steaks.


Have you seen the Christmas lights the neighbors put up?


William ran into the bedroom and slammed the door.

Ima just would not speak to anyone but you.

We've got a first aid kit.

You remind me of Nicolas.

They won't catch me.

I had hoped to meet you there.

We know of more than 100 billion galaxies.

She looked ghostly.

This always has a meaning.

He ate it all up.

Can I order now?

There's no way to polish a hedgehog.

I am going shopping.

I have hardly any English books.

Being exhausted, she was soon fast asleep.

Walter arrives at his office at around 8 o'clock.

I try to travel with only one suitcase.

He doesn't talk much.

Please just tell me what they say.

I'd like to send a congratulations card to Madonna for the birth of her baby girl.

Jakob left step-by-step instructions for the person who would be filling in for him while he was on leave.

He chuckled at the comics.

I was betrayed and treated barbarically.

Blaine became interested in music because his neighbor was quite a musician.

Look over the contract well, before you sign it.

I haven't got any reply so far.

I've lost my sense of smell.


While he was talking, there was the sound of a shot being fired.

I must admit that things are looking quite optimistic.

Where the hell did I put it?


The rain turned the road into a quagmire.

I've never played tennis with Bertrand.

"One swell foop" is a Spoonerism, "the flaw in the ointment" is a Farberism.

It was a hot debate.

Gideon didn't even know how to say "thank you" in French.

Louiqa died in Australia.

He tried to put matters right.


Who could've predicted this?

Shouldn't we ask Honzo what he thinks?

I will look the other way.

It was as hard as rock.

Kimberly liked horses.


I need to buy some school supplies.


Air is invisible.

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Don't tell anyone that.

The thief ran away at the sight of a detective.

But suddenly, Little Venusian really needs to go and pee.

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The basket was full of apples.

You smell just like my mother.

Isn't Stanly supposed to be helping Clyde clean the house?

Nicolas doesn't know if he can do what you're asking him to do.

He interrupted your sentence.


Sit down, please, and listen.

The country is abundant in natural resources.

There are few if any such kind men.


I can share.

Jennifer saw what Scott did.

A car hit her.


Your soil is in need of amending.

Look at that shooting star.

Don't try to play innocent.

We could do it if we wanted to.

Richard is wearing a tuxedo.

I caused you to die.

Noemi and Troy left alone.

That blouse doesn't go with that skirt.

Betty killed her.

The clerk didn't take much trouble over the work.

Kibune is in Kyoto.

She needn't have gone in such a hurry.

What will we do about it?

What position do you play?

He disguised himself as Santa Claus to please his children.


Kayvan wanted to be a doctor.


Alison has been waiting in line for three hours.

Did you look under the table?

The flood water reached the level of the windows.


Janet is a slow walker.

I paid ten dollars for a cheeseburger that has no cheese.

I want you to spend time with Karl.

My watch is more accurate than yours.

I didn't promise anything like that.

I've asked Adlai to do that for you.

Harv wants to break Harvey out of jail.

"What did she mean by that?" "I don't know."

Can you tell me the exact time, please?

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The breakfast dishes were still in the sink.

I spend too much time in front of my computer.

Only six people came to the party.

This room is a mess.

How many temples are there on this island?

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Larry wanted to unite not divide.


Something's terribly wrong.

I looked in Jack's eyes.

I forgot what they called him.

He is acquainted with the custom.

Hearing a strange noise, he jumped out of bed.

Is Roxana always this helpful?

Why did he buy another car?


I am not answerable to you for anything.


I've been watching.

Tell Johnnie that I'm fine.

Is Valerie in Boston now?

It'll be risky.

I want to write all of this down.

You probably know about what Todd did.

I have not only that to do.

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I feel better.


Instead of ink, there was some unidentified liquid in the bottle.

Mr. Jackson is our homeroom teacher.

She respected her sister.

Shouldn't we help them?

Masanao bought a beer for himself.

She is terrible at cooking.

He exhaled a deep breath in discouragement.

Stanly, answer the door.

Tam says he wants a group activity.


Tigger is asking for credit.


I want some answers and I want them now.


We've talked about it.

I'll steal your mobile phone!

He picked up a red stone.


What? You played with Jim? Eww, you're gonna get cooties.


What rude language he uses!

I had some problems.

From the moment of his birth, man cannot get along without depending on others.

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Do you know the Wikipedia website?

There will always be some kind of problem.

What're you so happy about?